Europe · 16. June 2017
Lille may be one of France's most underrated major cities. With a couple of friends (the usual suspects if you've seen my previous travel posts), we decided to take a day trip to Lille. I had personally never heard much about the city, having only a vague recollection of hearing the name somewhere.

Giverny and Claude Monet
Europe · 30. April 2017
A group of friends and I decided to book a day trip to Giverny on one of our Sundays in April. Seeing as we are all international students living and studying in Paris, it was totally normal that we'd look for the cheapest day visit possible, while maintaining some standards naturally.

City Break to Epen, Netherlands
Europe · 30. April 2017
So I recently took a short but sweet "city break" to a tiny village I had never even heard of. A friend of mine actually recommended it as she had already planned on visiting, so I decided to tag along to Epen, Netherlands.

Discovering Naples and more
Europe · 23. September 2016
When you end up getting the amazing opportunity to study abroad, one of the best things about it is making new friends. I have been extremely lucky and thanks to my goofy, warm and ever loyal Italian friends, I have had the chance to visit the south of Italy in true Napolitan style.

Family Vacay: Scandinavia in Spring
Europe · 29. April 2016
In my most recent family holiday, we got to visit two Scandinavian cities, Stockholm (Sweden) and Bergen (Norway). It was quite possibly the best way I could spend my Spring Break.