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Throughout my travels, I have been able to adapt and people say I have a knack for fitting in yet standing out. Have a look-see at my lifestyle blog for the styles, products and everyday bits and pieces that have served to inspire me and provide endless sources of positive energy in my life.

Beauty Trends: Oh K! Korean Beauty Products


South Korea is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the world of fashion, street style and beauty products. Apart from the classic European brands that we all know and love, I have recently gone on a full-out splurge of Korean beauty products.


Numerous fashion bloggers, vloggers and YouTube channels are all highlighting the virtues of products hailing from the home of Kpop. 

Casual Sundays


From the simplest, most casual outfits to the glamorous Friday nights. Everyone has their own personal style, what makes them unique, what showcases their personality best, what they can call their signature style.


Mine tends to be a mix of classic staples and unique yet simple pieces. Always leaning towards jewel tones because of my caramel skin tone - yes, I'm calling myself caramel skin-toned - I always tend to favour the most comfortable fashion trends coupled with great textures that feel awesome to the touch.


I confess, I am a bit of a shopaholic but especially when it comes to window shopping. So much inspiration can come just out of observing through a window or even on the streets. Either way, fashion is a bit like history in my way of thinking - it always ends up repeating itself, whether we like it or not!