Casual Sundays

Daily Style Inspirations


From the simplest, most casual outfits to the glamorous Friday nights. Everyone has their own personal style, what makes them unique, what showcases their personality best, what they can call their signature style. Mine tends to be a mix of classic staples and unique yet simple pieces. Always leaning towards jewel tones because of my caramel skin tone - yes, I'm calling myself caramel skin-toned - I always tend to favour the most comfortable fashion trends coupled with great textures that feel awesome to the touch.


I confess, I am a bit of a shopaholic but especially when it comes to window shopping. So much inspiration can come just out of observing through a window or even on the streets. Either way, fashion is a bit like history in my way of thinking - it always ends up repeating itself, whether we like it or not! Being in Paris has opened up my wardrobe to even more possibilities to change up my style. The varied seasons means that I can choose to layer it up, think up creative ways to style an outfit and always, stick to my mantra, less is more.


Casual Sundays for me, means my most comfortable pair of ripped jeans (American Eagle Outfitters), an over-large fuzzy sweater (H&M), a large cocoon coat (Promod) and white trainers (Reebok). When you have nothing to do on a Sunday, it's the middle of winter and for the first time in what seems like forever the sun has come out, there's nothing better to do than taking a nice, leisurely stroll along the Seine and into the Parc de Bercy. Bring a good book and unwind while watching the sunlight dance on the waters of the parks little ponds.

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