Satisfy your cravings

One of the best things about life is food ! There really isn't anything that can top chocolate, a good cup of coffee or a delicious home-cooked meal. At least not in my book. More importantly, my love of travelling has allowed me to experience and eat so many different types of dishes that it just leaves me wanting more. Hence the section on my blog aptly named FOOD. Here, I'll talk about some of my favourite spots, restaurants, cafés, pâtisseries, and much more. If you're an avid foodie like me, scroll down for some must-visit and must-eat spots !

Hardware Société Brunch


Out of all the brunch spots I have tried, Hardware Société is by far my favourite. Amazing food, a warm and friendly atmosphere and beautiful interiors to match. Whether you're craving sweet or savoury - or both - you're sure to find something absolutely yummy for your foodie tastebuds.


The Parisian branch of the Franco-Australian founders based in Melbourne is located on one of the most hidden-in-plain-sight streets of Paris.

The Flavours of Matcha


As someone who thoroughly enjoys Japanese food as well as the culture, I always end up looking out for the best spots to eat ramen or any other typical Japanese dish. Actually scratch that - I love Asian food in general! And unlike most people, I also enjoy their desserts a lot.


Served by friendly Japanese staff and offering a range of matcha pastries and drinks, Au Matcha is easily one of my favourites.